Intuit Gopayment Review

Gopayment is Intuit’s answer to Square and North American Bancard’s Pay Anywhere. However, it falls short in its attempt to enter the credit card processing market.

Pricing on Gopayment is substantially more complicated than its competitors. It is not until you truly review all the fine print that you understand the full pricing model, which includes different plans and tiers within them.

On, the website says that the transaction rate is 2.75 percent for credit card readers and 3.75 percent if a credit card number is entered manually rather than swiped. Compare this high fee with that of a company like payanywhere, where the fee is a mere 2.69 percent for credit card swipes.

Another shortcoming with Gopayment is the setup process, which requires a lot more pre-processing information than Pay Anywhere (our winner of the seamless setup award) or Square.

Overall Rating of Intuit Gopayment

Overall, this product functions just fine but definitely has its drawbacks. For more information on Intuit gopayment products, visit

By Shahan Ahmed