Hypercom History of Credit Card Manufacturer For over 30 years, Hypercom has been a leading provider in payment products and software solutions around the world. The company specializes in high-security electronic transactions, with clients in the banking, healthcare, restaurant, retail and transportation sectors.

Hypercom was founded in Sydney, circa 1978, by Hungarian inventor George Wallner. Upon his move to Australia in the early 1970s, the communications engineer sought innovation in the telephone and data collection industries. By 1985, Wallner had spread his vision to 18 different countries throughout the East and West.

The 1990s saw business skyrocket globally for VeriFone, which was now in fierce competition with VeriFone for domination in the electronics payment market. As credit and debit card usage expanded into numerous regions, annual sales of Hypercom products passed the $200 million mark by 1995 – the year that Wallner solidified the company’s South American presence with the founding of Hypercom de Chile.

Recent years have seen a truce between Hypercom and VeriFone, which partnered alongside Ingenico for the founding of the Secure POS Vendor Alliance. Launched in 2009, the alliance functions as a security advocate on behalf of the payment industry.

In 2011, Hypercom signed a merger deal with VeriFone and changed the name of its US operations to Equinox Payments.